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Cat and decorative rabbit in the same apartment


Rabbits are becoming more and more popular pets lately. They are cute, active, friendly, while they need minimal care and do not cause trouble to their owners. But what to do if the rodent is destined to become not the only domestic animal, but to live next door to a cat that is known for its predatory habits. Will they be able to make friends and how to protect pets from conflict - read on.

The characters of animals: what is laid by nature

Cats are predators that consider all small rodents to be their prey. Rabbits, especially small ones, often suffer from these habits of their furry neighbor.

But, fortunately, this is not always the case.

Habits and temper cats

Cats are born hunters. Their activity will not exactly give the rabbit a rest. The predator may not even perceive it as a victim, but simply chase eared for fun. But not all cat breeds like active games.

If the rodent has to share the area with a Persian or British cat who are lazy and do not like active games, then you can be completely calm for the eared pet.

The behavior of rabbits

Rabbit instincts make them hide at the sight of a predator. But do not forget that decorative rodents by virtue of their breeding are different from their wild relatives. This means that not always your furry friend will run away at the sight of a cat.

Sometimes it happens and vice versa. Eared pets may show an increased interest in the predator, and the latter, in turn, will either ignore them or hide.

How to make friends pets

To avoid possible conflicts between pets, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Divide the space. The rodent must live in a separate cage and not claim the territory of a cat. So the predator will not see him as a potential rival.
  2. The first time the cage should be closed. This will protect the rodent from a possible neighbor attack. In addition, the animal must be given time to adapt to new conditions of life.
  3. When the adaptation period is over, you can allow the cat to approach a safe distance from the cage. and allow the animals to get to know each other.
  4. If this stage has passed quietly, safely get the rabbit out of its cage and bring it closer to the predator. Allow the purr to sniff it.
  5. Try to touch both animals with the same hand as often as possible. Thus, you allow them to exchange smells, which will speed up the process of dating.

Can I leave them alone after dating

No matter how peaceful your cat may seem, you should not leave her and the rabbit alone without supervision. Even the kindest cat in the soul remains a predator. He can play and severely hurt the eared pet, especially a small one. In order not to worry about the safety of your rodent, it is best to start him and the kitten at the same time. Animals that grow together, most often retain strong friendships for life.

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they get along very well. and if the kitty is playful, the duck will be completely satisfied with the race.

I have 2 cats and a rabbit. And the rabbit was tiddly when they took it. Now he is a year old. Cats are already 13 each. The rabbit decided that he was a cat, begging for food as well as cats, drove around the apartment all three, walk all three into the cat toilet, wakes me up in the morning on the bed just like they, in turn. Runs after the cat, you know why, and in general, the cats are afraid of him, despite the fact that he is smaller than them. He bites them by the tail and beats them, especially when cat food is worth it, well, he likes it very much, a delicacy. sometimes cats hiss sometimes with his foot on the head too, but nothing more.

So I think they poke around one another and that's it. By the way, my wild growler rabbit, especially when sneaking up a cat's tail

Thank you very much for the answers! Instill confidence in me that everything will be fine!

the cat must be aggressive and uncastrated beast in order to harm the rabbit. but this is only IMHO. for a long time kept the rabbit, but otgorazhivala cats

Our cat is 4 times larger than a rabbit. Rabbit shows interest to the cat. The cat treats him with caution. If the rabbit is approaching, then kotofeich just gets up and leaves.

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A neighbor's cat in our yard caught our rabbit, and that’s it, Khan.

the cat must be aggressive and uncastrated beast in order to harm the rabbit. but this is only IMHO. for a long time kept the rabbit, but otgorazhivala cats

Good day everyone! I decided to update Temko, suddenly someone will come in handy. We have been living with our parents for a week now. A cat with a rabbit does not contact at all. At first, he shied away from him (the rabbit himself began to manifest the initiative of acquaintance, ran up, smelled), now they simply ignore each other, and the one and the other. They left for a few hours, the rabbit was not caged. We arrived - everyone is alive, no one has eaten anyone. So if anyone has a similar situation - do not be afraid.

Good afternoon. I ask for help! I live a cat and decor rabbit. . The rabbit was a funny boy and was played with a cat. Everything was subprimed. When I left, the rabbit remained in the cage, and the cat was in free movement. Recently left a rabbit out of the cage. In the morning, when I was a rabbit, I ran merrily with the cat, which did not foretell any conflict between them. I left them with us in free communication. In the afternoon, the rabbit hid in a corner, and refused to jump, play and eat. Already two days have passed, he refuses to eat and there are no peas, only drinking some water. Went to a doctor for health there are no abnormalities. Perhaps there was some conflict between them, in the absence of me, the rabbit is alert when a cat appears. Help solve the problem, how to help the rabbit to get out of the depressive state. What would a rabbit nachel eat. He took the rabbit out into the street, he ate there. When he returned home, he again sat in a corner. With respect to you.

A neighbor's cat in our yard caught our rabbit, and that’s it, Khan.

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Union contrary to instincts

Oddly enough for many, a lot has been written about the relationship between cats and rabbits. Some always assert that this union is impossible due to natural instincts, while others, on the contrary, say that these opposites often become inseparable. In order to properly understand the point of view of both parties, it is important to delve a little into zoology, or rather to talk about the features of these two species of animals.

How to make friends pets?

So, imagine that you already have a cat or a cat in the house and you want to have a decorative rabbit. Your main task is to make friends animals in order to eliminate possible problems. For this it is necessary to observe clarity and consistency.

Even if your pets get along with each other, you should never leave them alone in a room while walking. Even if the cat does not attack the rabbit, during the game it may not calculate the force, hurt or hurt the baby very much.

  1. When a rabbit appears in the house, it is necessary to allocate a separate place for it, so that the cage or aviary does not intersect with the territory of the cat that already lives in your house. Otherwise, the predator will perceive the new inhabitant as an opponent in the territory, which will cause him obvious aggression.
  2. Your new pet should be closed in the cage for the first time so that the cat will not have access to it without your supervision. In the new house the animal should get used to the situation, get used to the new smells, people and so on. At this time, a completely undesirable meeting with a potential enemy.
  3. When the rabbit gets used to you and to the house, you can allow the cat to get closer to the cage, give the opportunity to examine each other through the cage.
  4. When you pick up a new pet, show it to the cat, let's smell it, meet it.
  5. If your home predator will not show any aggression towards the rabbit, then you can try to release them together on the floor. At the same time, be always nearby and alert to prevent undesirable consequences in time.
  6. Frequently touch the rabbit and the cat with one hand at the same time, passing the smells to the animals.
  7. After a while, if the cat behaves adequately and the rabbit does not run away from her with horror in his eyes, then it can be assumed that the pets can make friends.

Greater chance of success will always be if pets grow together from a very young age. If you want to have real friends at home, then make both a bunny and a kitten at the same time. In such cases, their strong fraternal relations are built. So you can even not be afraid to leave pets together, and even often they live in the same house.

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Funny rabbits and unusual facts about them

How can a rabbit get on with a cat?

The nature of the relationship between the rabbit and the cat will depend largely on the temperament of the cat.

Either the cat will shy away from the eared roommate and hiss go around it without going to contact, or quite peacefully accept the new neighbor. There is also a chance that no matter how expensive and thoroughbred is a new pet for a cat, it will remain an ordinary rabbit, the lowest link in the food chain of the animal world. That is, food.

The nuances of the joint content of the rabbit and cat

• A strong friendship usually develops between an adult rabbit already living in the house and a newly acquired young kitten.

• Female animals get along well with each other, that is, a cat and a bunny.

• But from the active intimate plan of the rabbit-male you will have to save both the cat and the cat. Sometimes they change roles, and the loving cat begins to pursue the unfortunate rodent.

• Games between the rabbit and the cat should always take place under your supervision. Sharp cat claws and teeth can seriously injure the rodent.

• If the friendship between your charges does not work, do not despair. Do not try to force them friends. It is better to make the cage with a rodent was not available for the cat and both pets peacefully coexisted ... separately.

How can a rabbit get along with a dog?

The relationship between the rabbit and the dog as well as in the case of a cat must be kept under control. Although it is believed that educated dogs are more tolerant of other animals than their "sworn enemies" - cats.

The nuances of the joint content of the rabbit and dog

• One of the most successful (and in truth, frequently encountered) variants of the cohabitation of these two species of animals is the complete indifference of the dog towards the rodent. The dog does not look after the little animal that has run, does not smell it, and does not seem to notice at all. Well, if the rabbit meets the dog with the same coin.

• An overly friendly dog ​​may not allow the rodent to pass. Will constantly monitor his movements and sniff with curiosity. But as a rabbit from such a dog does not take away.

• Another common option is a rabbit stuck and dog-tolerant. A crazy rodent constantly seeks the attention of its fearsome neighbor, jumping on it and making it difficult to sleep. The raised dog endures for the time being, and then ... rises and leaves, until the annoying animal again gets to him.

• Dogs know how to be friends with almost any animals and rabbits are no exception. Sometimes such relations are established between these animals that they say "do not spill water". And then the rabbit even begins to copy the behavior of the four-legged friend: begging for food, sleeping on a dog litter, and even bringing an aport.

• If you have a hunting breed dog, then it is more likely that the rabbit will be perceived as prey. It is an instinct and nothing can be done about it. Living together is contraindicated.

What are the features of cats and rabbits to consider?

It is laid by nature that cats are hunters, and hares are prey. But do not forget that most modern breeds of cats and rabbits are bred artificially by breeders, their instincts are partially lost.

What kind of rabbits can you keep in the apartment?

How do cats behave?

Cats catch mice and other rodents. They also hunt pets, such as a hamster or a decorative rat. A cat may take a rabbit as prey, especially if it is hungry. A well-fed animal can also show its hunting instincts, chase a rabbit, scare it or scratch it.

Mice - the main prey of cats

The habits of the hunter saved not all breeds. Persian, British and Scottish cats prefer special food from a bowl and rarely consider a rabbit as prey. Often, such pets will not even stand up to play.

In theory, cats are pleased with the presence of another pet, they have fun in the company. But you can not discount the nature of each individual animal.

What about rabbits?

Animal instinct involves avoiding the dangers of rabbits. And, indeed, some of them hide at the sight of a cat. But ornamental rabbits often show interest to cats without any fear. It is even more likely that the domestic rabbit is the first one to get acquainted. This can be explained by the fact that in nature they live in groups, and the representatives of the cat family are most often lonely.

In the wild, rabbits live in groups

Rabbits can defend their territory, play and coexist peacefully with cats. Pets quickly get used to the owners, slower to other animals, they are funny and unpretentious. For sharing in the apartment are well suited lionhead rabbits, dwarf and Viennese blue rabbits.

Possible problems with keeping cats and dwarf rabbits in the same house

Keeping a cat and a rabbit together can bring problems, even if the pets are not hostile:

  1. During the game, the kittens jump on each other and on other pets. Such an unexpected attack can be a stressful situation for the rabbit. Often, a rabbit veterinarian diagnoses a nervous breakdown after being scared by someone. Random scratches are also dangerous. Wounds do not heal for a long time, sometimes suppuration occurs. Small scratches are difficult to notice under thick hair, they can cause infectious diseases. Eye injuries rabbits suffer especially hard.
  2. A rabbit can injure a cat with its hind legs. These are strong limbs with sharp claws. Hitting the rabbit's hind legs has consequences in the form of scratches and even fractures. It is especially dangerous to get a blow from an adult rabbit to a little kitten.
  3. Rabbit imitates sexual intercourse with a cat. This behavior can not be allowed, although it is fun for many hosts. The process harms the nervous system of both pets. The cat becomes shy. The rabbit is constantly in an overexcited state, becoming angry and aggressive.

Cat can hurt the rabbit in the game

The above effects can be avoided if you release pets for a joint walk only under supervision. It is also worth thinking about the neighborhood and pick up pets by gender.

IMPORTANT! In the absence of the owner, the rabbit is best to be in his cage always, even if the pets get along well.

Is there any chance that the cat and the rabbit will be friends?

The likelihood of friendship between pets is very high. Most often there is a peace and a rabbit and a cat are friends. Animals show interest to each other and play together. Different-sex animals are less likely to be friends, as there are problems of an intimate nature. If the male is a rabbit, the cat and the cat often hide from him than spend time together.

Animals show interest to each other and play together

Decorative rabbit and cat - who wins?

The greatest chance of raising friends is when the bunny and the kitten are taken into the house at the same time. Smells of kids quickly mix, they do not compete, do not divide the territory and do not quarrel. Во взрослом состоянии такой кот не станет охотиться на других маленьких крольчат, они для него сородичи.

Таблица 1. Вероятность дружбы между кошкой и кроликом.

Подросший котёнок и крольчонок

Взрослый кролик и котёнок

Кролик и кошка взрослые

The situations described are standard, a different development is possible, as each individual animal has its own temperament and character. There are cases when an adult cat nurses a pet rabbit with her kittens, you should always look at the reaction of the animals themselves.

Cat nurses a rabbit

Animals of different ages are not left unattended, the baby is protected from claws, teeth and paws, it will grow up and then the pets will play together.

Some cats are very developed hunting instinct

Even friendly pets sometimes have conflicts. If adult animals have fought, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the fight. The winner can be a cat and a rabbit. The victory in the conflict of different-age pets remains for a stronger animal.

How to play a cat and a rabbit?

Pet play is usually the same - they run after each other. Roles change all the time, cat and rabbit can catch up. Watching your favorites while playing is a lot of fun. Catch up often with obstacles, jumping on the sofa, sliding carpets. Also, animals can roll on the floor, grappling in one ball. For fans of such games, it is important not to have sharp claws.

The game of catching up usually begins with the fact that the rabbit runs away. The cat instinctively catches the prey, so the cat catches up first. Roles change when the rabbit reaches the wall and unfolds.

It also happens that a cat treats a rabbit like a cub, licks it. Some zoologists explain this behavior by saying that the cat does not like the smell of a friend, and she wants them to smell the same. Other experts consider this a manifestation of location.

Pets living together

When animals live together, the cat can enter the rabbit's cage, and the rabbit can sleep in the cat corner. Friends can go to the toilet on a single tray.

Often, pets try to find something edible in each other's bowls, while no one is protecting their property. Cat food should not be allowed to eat a rabbit, its stomach is not intended to digest this food. A cat will not find anything harmful for itself in a rabbit bowl.

Friends sleep together