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How to deal with rats in a private house


Rats are one of the species of rodents, which often settles in close proximity to humans. Most often this happens in the autumn period, when the first cold snaps start and food becomes less.

At this time, there are whole raids of all kinds of rodents on cellars, pantries and private houses, but rats are much smarter than mice and it is more difficult to get them out.

At the same time, the harm from them is significantly greater; basically it consists of the following:

  1. The spread of various infectious diseases and parasites, including fleas and ticks.
  2. Digging holes and strokes at very great depthsin particular, under the foundation of the structure, which adversely affects the structure.
  3. Damage to walls, baseboards, furniture, electrical wiring. The most dangerous is damage to the electrical network and the wires, as this may entail a short circuit and a fire, especially if the building is not designed protective system.
  4. Destruction of food and various edible stocks.

There is one more exciting and quite effective method of getting rid of rodents. Near the kitchen table, place the container with water.

It is recommended that the burrows of rodents be sealed with such a mixture: 1 portion of cement, 1 portion of sand, 1 portion of broken glass. Rodents cannot simply overpower such a mixture.

Rats - quite cautious and cunning. Before you put a poisonous mixture, for 3 days, put meat, sausage or any other food - without the content of poison. After that, in the evening, leave the bait with poison there.

Mice and rats do not tolerate the aroma of naphthalene. Therefore, it is useful to pour a mixture of identical parts of sawdust and naphthalene near their burrows and aisles. Well, of course, in order to get rid of rodents - rats, you can use the trap rat trap.

I wish you rodents avoided your dwelling! See you!

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We choose the methods of struggle

Specialists of the company recall the need for careful compliance with safety requirements:

When deciding to independently fight rodents, it is important to ensure the lack of access to poisons and traps in children and pets. All work should be carried out in protective clothing and gloves. In direct contact with rats, care must be taken to ensure that the predator cornered into a corner cannot attack. Rodent bites are extremely painful, poorly healed, can serve as an open path for the spread of infections dangerous to humans.

Among the methods used for "home use" are considered the most effective:

  • the use of nerve or toxic chemicals,
  • the use of electronic traps or primitive traps - the first ones are more convenient and hygienic,
  • the use of repellents that make sounds unpleasant for rats,
  • use of pungent aromatic repellents,
  • use of popular advice.

Rat poison use: safe or not?

Before you make deratization using poisons, it is worthwhile to carefully study the features of such a procedure. In particular, when choosing poisons it should be borne in mind that some of them belong to the category of anticoagulants that violate blood clotting - they kill pests slowly but effectively. This category includes preparations based on brodifactum, bromadilon. Means of instant action work, causing disturbances in the work of organs (liver, kidneys), followed by termination of their functioning and the onset of death.

Pests will die, most likely, in the house or in its immediate vicinity. As a result, in addition to the direct extermination, you will have to deal with recycling, as well as collecting carcasses of fallen animals. Rodenticide preparations (poison) from rats are widely available: from cheap (“Rat death”) to expensive foreign-made products, such as Ratron and its analogues, which are very attractive for rodents.

Rodent Traps

The use of traps - electronic, feeding a weak current when in contact with an animal, allows for effective mechanical trapping of pests. But here it is worth considering several factors at once. For example, rats have an excellent sense of smell - you will have to place and collect traps with gloves, otherwise the rodent will quickly recognize the trick.

Among the options on sale are:

  1. Electronic. The animal enters the "trap" and dies, then, without contacting with it, you can get rid of the carcass, dropping it into a trash can or a pit for collecting waste.
  2. Classic traps. Here you should definitely take into account the size of the pest - that which is suitable for a mouse is unlikely to be able to hold a much larger and more impudent predator. Inexpensive rat traps can be purchased at a price of up to 100 rubles, and their own experience will have to be tested.
  3. Glue compositions. Sticky traps are quite effective in organizing catching the enemy in agricultural buildings, basements, in the attics of private houses.

Professional disinfestation

Appeal to the services of has already managed to prove its effectiveness even in those cases when it was a question of almost hopeless efforts in the fight against rodents. Professionals during deratization use proven and reliable pesticides that can permanently save a residential object - a house, a summer house, from the invasion of pests. Aeration technology can be used for treating rat holes, which makes it possible to spray toxic chemicals of contact action in the habitat of rats. To fight on a long-term basis, if the dwelling is heavily contaminated, professional traps are used, and upon completion of the extermination of the population it is recommended to install barrier protection against repeated collision with pests.

If the independent fight against rats was not crowned with success, you should trust the professionals, for whom the destruction of rodents is a routine procedure. And in a country house, and in a cottage or a mansion outside the city, forces of specialists will be restored to order, and you can forget about pests.