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How to dry cherries: in the sun, in the oven and electric drier


Dried cherries have a lot of useful properties. and methods of application, but not everyone knows about it. Most of us are accustomed to using cherry jam for pies, pies and other dishes.

But dried cherry is a much more convenient method of preservation, and its taste will be just as good. Here we will talk about how to dry cherries in order to preserve a maximum of vitamins and make the taste of dried berries unsurpassed. How to dry the cherries at home, read this article.

First of all, it should be said that during drying, if everything is done correctly, the cherry practically does not lose its beneficial properties. This berry is very rich in vitamins and minerals. They have bactericidal properties, so that in traditional medicine dried cherries often used to stop inflammatory processes, as well as viral diseases.

Also, dried cherries are rich in substances that significantly lower blood clotting. Because of this property dishes from dried cherries are recommended to use as a prophylactic against atherosclerosis.

Also if a person has anemia, cherry will be very, very useful. There is a lot of iron in this berry; it can be compared to apples in the amount of this substance.

Vitamins contained in dried cherries: C, B1, B6. Also in the composition of the berries are magnesium, cobalt, etc. Scientists have proven that frequent use of cherry prevents cancer cells. Dried cherries are potent laxatives, so pregnant women often use berries and cherry compotes.

Cherry favorably affects the condition of nails, hair and skin.

You can talk a lot about the benefits of cherry some consider it almost a panacea. Use this berry in the popular methods of treatment, in cosmetology, in cooking.

So, cherries are mainly beneficial. Let's talk about which processes in the body are improved thanks to this berry.

  1. Weight loss. Dried cherries are a constant component of many diets. Different decoctions of this berry not only do not cause harm to the body, as with a normal diet, but also strengthen the immune system.
  2. Normalization of sleep. Due to the fact that cherry berries contain melatonin, compotes of them help to improve sleep. To a lesser extent, this is facilitated by pies and other dishes with cherries, since you should not get enough to sleep before bedtime.
  3. Memory improvement. Teach yourself every morning to drink a glass of cherry compote, it will greatly improve your concentration and memory.
  4. Slowing the aging process. Scientists have not come to an unambiguous point of view, but after some research, many biologists have concluded that both dried and fresh cherries contribute to the renewal of skin cells.

In addition to a large amount of minerals Cherry has a wonderful taste. If you have children in your family, they will certainly like this delicacy.

Dried cherries benefit and harm read on.

Here are many benefits of cherry However, this red berry is fresh., and in dried form can be harmful. What is the danger of your favorite cherry?

  • people with diabetes
  • children under 1.5 - 2 years old
  • in diseases of the digestive system.

Cherry contains large amounts of glucose.therefore, if you have high blood sugar, it is better to refrain from eating cherries.

How to dry cherries with stones further.

What varieties are suitable?

Cherry dried recipes read on. Cherry is very useful, but its taste is also important for us. The taste of dried cherries depends largely onhow you picked the berries. Let's talk about which species should be preferred.

When choosing cherries for drying First of all, pay attention to the ripe berries of a rich color.. The flesh of such fruits should be dense, and the bone should be small. The varieties of cherries, well suited for drying, are Shubinka, Lyubskaya, Vladimirovskaya.

Before you proceed directly to the drying process, you need to decide on the following aspect - do you need a bone? If you are going to use cherry for cooking compotes, it is possible to leave a bone.

If the berries will be used as a filling for the pies, the bones should be removed. In shops with different kitchen utensils Now you can find special tools with which to remove the bones is much easier.

To make the bones easier to take out., lightly dry the cherries at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. Drying cherries in an electric dryer (in a dryer), more on that later.

Cooking berries

Before the process of drying cherries should sort out and free from fruit stalks, thoroughly wash. In order for the berries to dry faster, before drying, they are blanched in a boiling solution of lye for 2-3 minutes.

After these manipulations, the cherry can begin to dry. How to dry the cherries in the ovenHow to dry cherries in the electric drier you will learn further.

Under the sun

Now it's time to deal with that how to dry cherries. It is very important to make it so that all the above useful properties in it are preserved.

Drying cherries under the sun - and why not? It is best to dry the berries in the fresh air.where a warm breeze will blow them. Many use trays or trays for these purposes, but it is better to take a large piece of thick, clean cloth.

Dry berries need for 4-5 days. During the day, they should be under the sun, and at night make berries in the houseso that they do not get wet again. As soon as we start to warm the sun in the morning, the cherries need to be brought out again. Take such a piece of fabric that you will be comfortable to wear, or use someone’s help.

It is drying in the fresh air that keeps the cherry maximum vitamins and best dried. But this method of drying is suitable only for cherries with stones.

Therefore, it is necessary to dry cherries in the sun. in a holistic intact form. How to dry cherries at home, how to dry cherries in the oven further.

For, to dry cherries at home, you need a brass ovenOf course, the cherry will not dry at room temperature. Before you start drying the berries in the oven, you must remove all damaged cherries.

To dry the cherries at home, you need to put the berries on a baking sheetcovered with parchment paper or foil. Drying occurs in several stages, which differ in temperature conditions.

There are always a lot of questions about readiness. Determining that a cherry is dried when it is done in the open air is fairly easy, since in this case there is no fear to dry the berries.

If we are drying in the oven, you need to focus on the fact that when you press the berry with your finger, the juice does not stand out from it. Dark brown is also present in well-dried cherries. skin tone. The taste of well-dried berries is sweet and sour.

The general process of drying cherries at home takes about 8-9 hours.It all depends on the size of the berries and the degree of their ripeness. If you need to dry the pitted cherries, the process will last two or three times longer.

In order to dry the cherries in a real oven, you first need to adjust the temperature. To do this, sprinkle a few drops of water on the floor of the oven., it should boil. The process of drying the berries in a real oven is fairly simple, most often in this way cherries are dried in country houses or in country houses.

After the screens are installed, the furnace does not need to be closed too tightly, there must be air access, because the moisture will need to evaporate. This is a very important nuance.which undoubtedly should be considered. The chimney should also be ajar.

Over time, the chimney should be gradually closed. In such conditions, drying cherries will last 10-12 hours.. How to store dried cherries at home, read the following section.

Storage rules

It is best to store dried cherries in small paper bags.

If you know that you are quickly using dried berries, can put them in the jar.

Store cherries in dried form can be no more than a year, but it is very unlikely that you will not eat or cook something tasty from it during this time.

In addition to this method of storage of cherries, often used such as freezing and drying.

How useful dried cherries

Before you start drying products, you should talk about the real benefits of dried cherries.

It is no secret that fresh berries can lose most of the useful properties after processing, so it is important to know how useful dried products are and whether the results are worth the effort.

Besides the fact that drying is obtained very tasty productIt is also very useful for our body. To begin with, the composition of the dried fruit includes a large amount of iron and copper, which positively affects the level of hemoglobin, which increases the protective functions of the body. Also in the dry form a large number of concentrated fructose and sucrose, so a light snack on dry cherries will give you enough energy.

Despite the fact that the dry berry contains a large amount of sugar, it is considered dietary productdue to pectin substances that regulate digestion and, first of all, the absence of fat in the composition.

Also, the dried version helps to remove sputum when coughing, so dried cherries help to get rid of colds.

Rejection and preparation of cherries

Berry for drying should be collected at the moment when it reached the maximum ripeness, or even a little faded in the sun. In the second case, you will spend less time on drying.

Next, we need to wash all the berries, remove spoiled, rotten and damaged, so that in the process of drying does not rot all raw materials.

After rejection, additional preparation can be carried out, which will shorten the drying time and, at the same time, will not affect the taste. Selected berries can be dipped for a few seconds in a weak solution of soda (up to 1%), or just pour boiling water (do not soak it!).

Rinsing in baking soda will cause the formation of small pores on the skin, through which moisture will evaporate faster.

With or without bones

Immediately it should be said that the choice will be based not on your preferences or resource costs, but on the method of drying.

The fact is that cherries with stones are best dried in the open air, as flies will not sit on it and, accordingly, products will survive to the collection and storage unscathed.

If you want to dry the berry without a bone, then you have to restrict dryer or oven, since too many “willing” ones will flow to the sweet aroma, after which the berry will be unsuitable for long-term storage.

Of course, you can cover the cherry with gauze or anything else, but the fruit flies will make it through any hole and ruin the whole process for you.

Do not think that whole berry will dry for a long time. In conditions of good ventilation and high summer temperatures, drying will take only a few days, not more.

In the open air

Let's start with the simplest variant of drying cherries - natural.

  1. Wash and clean the fruit from the stem.
  2. We take light fabric or special sieves, on which we spread the fruits in one row.
  3. We place the cherry in an open, well-lit place. It is also worth considering that the site should be well blown by the wind.
  4. If necessary, we cover the grid with small cells so that the worms do not “settle” in the fruit.

Drying is carried out only in the daytime. At night, all products are better to clean the house so that it does not get wet.

On average, drying in fresh air takes 2–3 days; however, one should take into account the overall air temperature, the strength of the wind and the absence of clouds.

Immediately it should be said that in the presence of good weather and free space, it is better not to use the oven. This technique is not intended for drying, so in case of an error, you can get baked berry. It is worth starting with preparation. In this case, be sure to cut the cherries into halves and remove the bone. This is done not only in order to get a completely ready-to-eat product, but also so that the berry dries out faster.

  1. Wash the fruit, peel off the stalks and cut into 2 parts.
  2. Prepare baking sheet, we cover it with baking paper.
  3. We spread the halves of cherries cut down in a single layer. We place them so that in the process of drying they are not stuck together, becoming a homogeneous mass.
  4. We set the temperature in the oven to about 165 ° C and, if there is such a function, turn on the strong airflow. If there is no such function, then it is necessary to place the cherry only in the preheated oven, while leaving the door ajar.
  5. Dried about 3 hours.
  6. Remove the cherry for half an hour, so that it is cooled and aired.
  7. Again, put in the oven, exposing the temperature at 135 ° C.
  8. At a lower temperature, dry the berry for about 16 hours.

So that the drying process does not spoil your equipment or bake the berries, periodically remove the cherries from the oven and allow them to cool and air. Also, an oven at this time will be able to "relax."

In the electric dryer

Now let's figure out how to dry cherries in an electric dryer. Immediately it is worth saying that boil cherries in sugar syrup we will not. Firstly, it is an extra cost of time and resources, secondly, the calorie content of products, which are already rather big, increases, thirdly, in the process of heat treatment we destroy most of the vitamins, which is unreasonable.

So, we start with the cleaning of the "legs" and bones. Do not forget to pre-wash the cherry, so that it does not have dirt.

  1. We lay out the products on the lattices for vegetables so that the halves are not in contact with each other.
  2. We set the temperature in the region of 60-65 ° С.
  3. Dry about 3-3.5 hours.
  4. Check the berries.

Of course, this option of drying is most often used in conjunction with cooking in sugar syrup, however, as mentioned above, we do not need such hassle. If the cherry is not completely dry, you can still hold it in the dryer, or, after a break of half an hour, re-dry at the same temperature.

How to store dried cherries at home

We finish the article with information on how to store dried cherries.

Fully dry product stored not more than a yeareven if it was dried perfectly. In order not to shorten the shelf life, part of the berries, which will be used in the next month, can be placed in a glass jar. The rest of the products are best hidden in paper or cotton bags, in which the fruits will be well ventilated and not “suffocated”. Since we use “tara”, which allows air to pass through, we need to protect the dryer from excessive moisture. To do this, choose a place where never appears mold or fungus. At the same time, storing cherries close to batteries or heating pipes is not recommended.

Well, now you have enough knowledge to prepare a delicious berry for the winter. Try to use the natural version of the drying, so that the fruit does not lose vitamins from the strong heat. In this case, it is better not to improvise, otherwise you will get a large number of berries unsuitable for storage.

Cherry drying in the open air

This is the easiest way to dry compote cherries. Here you only need to sort out the cherry, wash it, spread it out on a grid pan and put it in the sun. Pallets need to be brought home at night. The process is long, but not time consuming.

However, for the filling of pies, cherries with a stone will not work. And so that the cherry does not expire with the juice during the natural drying, the drying must be accelerated, and this can be done with the help of an electric dryer, or an ordinary oven.

Drying the cherries in the electric drier

Rinse the cherries, sprinkle them on the baking sheet and let them drift a little. You can turn on the oven at 70 degrees and podvyalit them for 30 minutes with the door ajar. This will facilitate the removal of pits and cherries will not so juice expire.

Now proceed directly to the removal of the bone, trying not to damage the integrity of the berries.

Prepare a syrup from 1 liter of water, 0.5 kg of sugar and 1 tsp of ascorbic acid. You can not add acid, but it makes the cherry transparent and beautiful.

Boil the syrup and blanch the cherries for 2-3 minutes. Shumovka get cherries and put them in a sieve.

When the syrup is drained, place the cherry on the grid of the electric drier, or on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

In an electric dryer, immediately set the temperature to 50 degrees, and at this temperature, let the berries dry for 2 hours. Then, it is necessary to raise the temperature to 80 degrees, and after another 2 hours, lower it again to 50 degrees.

In the oven, drying takes place at a higher temperature. Heat it to 165º, put the pan in the oven and watch the cherries not to burn for 3 hours.

The oven door should be ajar for ventilation. Next, reduce the temperature to 100º and dry until ready.

Blanching and using syrup is a matter of taste, you can completely do without it, and dry as it is.

Хранить вишню следует в стеклянных, плотно закрытых банках, где её не достанут вредители, и она в таком виде может сохранится до весны.

Как сушить вишни без косточек в электросушилке, смотрите на видео:

Как правильно сушить вишню в духовке?

How to dry cherries in the oven to get delicious dried fruits?

Dried cherry used in cooking and traditional medicine and in order to dry cherries in the oven it is necessary:

  • to sort out the fruits, rinse and dry
  • remove the bones from the berries, although you can leave them if the cherry is used to make medicinal infusions
  • put the cherries on a baking sheet and dry for 2 hours at a temperature of 55-60 degrees
  • then increase the temperature to 70-80 degrees, and then lower it again to 55-60
  • cherries with stone dried for about 7 hours, pitted - about 24
  • it is necessary to dry the cherries with the oven door open, otherwise it will cook
  • after the cherries are dried, they should not exude juice and stick when squeezed, and should also be dark in color with a red tint

How to dry cherries at home

Dried cherry is an incredibly tasty and healthy snack that you can easily make yourself. If the harvest of these juicy berries exceeded all your expectations, if you no longer have the strength or desire to roll up jars of jams and compotes, you will be interested to learn how to dry cherries at home. It is noteworthy that in dried fruits there are almost as many vitamins as in fresh ones. Isn't it a miracle?

Berry preparation

For drying, choose large and intact ripe berries of dark red color. Wash fruits thoroughly, remove stalks and leaves. Pour in boiling water and allow them to dry naturally at room temperature. This simple operation will allow the cherries to become dried fruit as soon as possible due to the formation of tiny pores through which the liquid can evaporate a little faster. Another way to speed up the process is to immerse the berries in a weak solution of baking soda for 7–10 seconds. After this treatment, cherries should be well washed under running water.

After you have done all the necessary manipulations, you can proceed directly to drying the cherries. This can be done in two ways: on the street and at home.


For drying cherry berries on the street, choose an area away from the roads and the territory of grazing, keeping or habitat of animals. Best suited to your own garden or garden. Spread the berries on a homemade screen, as a basis for which you can take gauze or any other natural white fabric, under the scorching rays of the sun. At night, when the air temperature drops, bring the cherries into the house and leave them in a warm place. Early in the morning, take the berries out again.

The drying process in an open area takes from 4 to 15 days depending on weather conditions (temperature, air humidity and degree of exposure to the sun). Keep in mind that on the street you can process only cherries with pits. If you remove the bones, insects will certainly start in the sweet berries.

If you do not have the opportunity to dry the cherries on the street, take advantage of such a blessing of civilization as the oven. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, put the berries in one layer and send to the oven, preheated to +165 ° C. Do not close the oven door tightly, leave a small gap for air circulation. In this case, the temperature will need to be gradually reduced to +135 ° C.

Drying berries with bones in the oven takes about 8 hours. If you want to dry the seedless cherries, you will need about 2-3 times longer.

How to dry apples in the sun and in the oven?

Rules for storing fruit at home

How to wash cotton so that it does not shrink?

How to check the quality of drying

Well dried cherries have the following qualities:

  • does not release juice when pressed,
  • dark brown color
  • sweet and sour to taste.

Dried cherries can be added to drinks and desserts, main dishes and sauces. If you prepare the berries correctly, according to all the recommendations, they will remain fit for human consumption for a year or even more.

How to prepare fruit?

The main stages of preparation:

  1. First, the berries need to sort out to select only the most ripe and unspoiled. Rotten and wormy fruit for drying can not be used.
  2. Now wash all selected berries in running water.
  3. Then you can process the cherry with soda solution, this will, firstly, destroy all pathogenic microorganisms, and secondly, prepare the fruit for drying. To carry out such processing, dissolve 5 tablespoons of soda in a liter of hot water and immerse the cherry in the solution for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Some advise to blanch the fruit before drying, which allows you to remove air from the pulp and speed up the drying process, as well as destroy bacteria. In a saucepan of boiling water, immerse a sieve or colander with a cherry for a minute.
  5. Then you can remove the bones and cut the berries in half, but it is better not to do this, as whole cherries will be better preserved and will be more delicious.

How to dry?

So, how to dry cherries? We offer two ways.

This option is suitable for those who have a private house, cottage or at least a spacious balcony. Spread the fruit on some plane, for example, on a tray. Take him outside. But the place should be sunny, well and constantly lit, not wet and ventilated. In the rain and at night, it is desirable to remove the tray home in a dry room. And to protect the cherry from flies, wasps and other insects, you can cover it with gauze.

If you want to figure out how to quickly dry the cherry at home, then this method will suit you. The fruits are quickly dried in the oven. But it should be borne in mind that in this case, much less nutrients are stored in them than with natural drying.

  1. Preheat the oven to 50-60 degrees and place a pan of cherries in it, spreading it out in an even layer (it is advisable to leave a space between the berries).
  2. After two hours, add the fire to 80 degrees and dry the cherries for about two to three hours.
  3. Then lower the temperature to 50-60 degrees and dry the fruit for about two or three hours. The whole process can take about 8-9 hours.

Drying cherries at home - how to dry cherries for the winter properly

From dried cherries you can cook not only compotes. This can be a great addition to baking instead of raisins, or just a treat for children and adults. There are several ways to dry cherries, and you can choose any of them, or come up with your own.

How to dry cherries at home?

In the middle of summer, nature pleases us with ripening cherries, so tasty and healthy. Sated with fresh fruit, you need to think about harvesting fruits for the winter. They make jams, compotes, jams, ice, but the most valuable is drying cherries. The advantage of this method of preparation is the maximum safety of the vitamin-mineral complex in the fruit. In addition, this process does not require the addition of sugar, which makes cherry drying not only a useful product, but also brings it to the dietary rank. In this section, we consider how to dry cherries at home and what methods it is carried out.

Cherry drying methods

Not everyone knows how to dry cherries and what methods of drying are. Immediately, we note that the process of harvesting cherries can be carried out with or without a stone. Therefore, first decide for what purposes you need a cherry, if preference is given to compote, then the option with a bone will do. When you plan to use the product for baking, cooking mousses, jelly and use in its pure form, it is better to produce the workpiece by removing the stone.

How to dry the cherries at home, in what ways? They can be distinguished by two, street and forced home drying. The latter option can be carried out in the oven, stove or electric dryer. In addition to standard methods of harvesting, modern equipment allows the fruit to be dried and made in the form of candied fruits. Considering the process of work as a whole, it is worth saying that drying cherries at home is a very simple procedure that everyone can do. It is enough to know a few subtleties.

Preparation of cherries for drying

Before doing the drying of cherries in an electric dryer, oven, or on the street, it is necessary to perform several preliminary procedures.

  • • We sort out and wash well the cherries,
  • • Soak them for a few minutes in salted water. This will help to remove the worms themselves, if they are present in the fruit,
  • • Drain the salted water along with the emerged worms and wash the cherries with clean water,
  • • Split the fruit in half, take out the bone, if drying the cherries will occur without stones,
  • • We recline on a colander for running off of water,
  • • Blanche for 5 to 7 minutes.

Blanching consists in lowering the fruit in a colander in hot water, 85 - 95 degrees. This process contributes to a faster drying drying, retains its natural color and flavor. Sometimes blanching is replaced by soaking the fruit in water saturated with vitamin C. These procedures are mandatory before drying the cherries in any of the ways.

How to dry cherries in the sun

How to dry cherries with and without pits, are these processes different? The procedure itself has no differences and is carried out equally, the difference is only in the temporary mode, the pitted cherries dry faster. Knowing how to dry cherries for the winter, you will provide your family with fortified food.

Before you dry the cherries on the street, you should properly decompose it. The layout is carried out in one layer. If the cherry is boneless, it is laid out in half, the fleshy part up. Some housewives practice drying the whole cherry, with a remote bone. Such blanks are often used instead of raisins. For high-quality drying cherries a few sunny days. As you pour, the fruits turn over, and at night, they are brought into the room.

How to dry cherries in the oven

Not knowing how to dry the cherries in the oven, it is possible not only not to get the desired result, but also to spoil the product at all. After all, it requires compliance with a certain temperature and exposure. There are two ways of drying cherries in the oven, this is the standard option and the method of pre-welding the fruit in syrup. In the first case, the fruit spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment, and sent to the oven.

The second method will be interesting to those who are interested in how to dry the cherries in the oven so that it turns dried. To do this, prepare a syrup of sugar and water. For 500 ml of water, 0.5 kg of sugar is taken and boiled cherries are boiled in it in small portions, 5 minutes each. Pulling boiled cherries with a skimmer, send them to a colander to drain off the excess syrup, then lay them out in one layer on the prepared baking sheet. Apply this recipe for drying cherries in an electric dryer.

After the cherry is sent to the oven, you should set the temperature in it no more than 50 - 70 degrees. Some neglect this condition and end up with charred fruits. Not knowing how to dry the cherries at home correctly, it is not necessary to get down to business, because in the end all the work can go down the drain. To dry the cherries in the oven should be until it loses elasticity, but not complete drying. If the fruits are dried, then they just have to remain elastic. Now you know how to dry the cherries so that they are ready and not overdried.

Dry cherries in an electric drier

Thanks to modern technologies and innovations, special fruit dryers came to the rescue. In the instructions there are many recipes for how to dry cherries and other fruits in an electric dryer. Considering this process in general terms, it is worth saying that the technology of fruit preparation is the same as with street drying. But the procedure itself is carried out automatically. This is quite convenient, because in one go there is an opportunity to dry several servings at once, as well as to combine the drying of cherries and other fruits.

Now you know how to dry the cherries at home, it only remains to determine the time of the process itself. The smaller the fruit in size, the faster it will dry. In sunny weather, drying the cherries outside will be ready in 3-5 days, and in the oven it will need to spend 12-18 hours. The same applies to the drying of cherries in an electric dryer.

How to dry cherries at home

Dried cherries - an excellent preparation. It is used in baking cupcakes, muffins, manniki, added to cottage cheese filling and cheesecakes. And although you can buy dried cherries for these purposes, it will be much more useful if you use home-made dried cherries.

This cherry does not contain dyes, preservatives, flavors. You will be completely confident in its quality. Remember that completely dried berries should have a dark brown color with a reddish tinge and a sweet and sour taste. When squeezed berries should not stick to each other and produce juice. The consistency of this cherry should resemble raisins. Drying the cherries in the dryer for vegetables will take approximately 7-8 hours of time.

How to dry cherries step by step instructions with photos:

To dry the berries, we need 1 kg of fresh cherries, 500 ml of water, 3/4 cup of sugar, colander, pan, electric drier.

Cherry to sort, wash, remove bones.

Water with sugar bring to a boil. Place the prepared cherries in the sugar syrup and try the blanching for 3 minutes.

Take out the cherries and drain the syrup. Syrup can be used to make drinks.

Spread the prepared cherries on the grates of the dryer for vegetables. Dry for 7-8 hours at 60-65 ° C until ready to cherry.

Done! Store dried cherries in a tight-fitting glass container.

The use of electric dryers at home

Vegetables and fruits must be present in the diet of a person who is monitoring their health. Unfortunately, you can enjoy yourself with fresh fruits, rich in vitamins, only in summer. In order to preserve as many microelements as possible in the composition of fruits, use a gentle method of harvesting.

Drying fruits in an electric dryer is a quick and efficient method of harvesting for further storage. Manufacturers offer two types of equipment for home use: convection and infrared.

Drying fruits in an electric drier is an effective method of preserving the crop for the long term.

The principle of operation of convection units based on the heating of the air with the help of the heating element. Drying is carried out by natural air circulation. The drying process using such dryers can take several days, and when using models with a fan of enhanced air injection, the operation time is reduced to one day.

The best performance and economy are different infrared devices. The principle of functioning of such machines is based on the reaction of water molecules to the waves of a given frequency. Moisture evaporation occurs very quickly, which allows the products to retain the natural color and taste.

Infrared electric dryers are much more economical and quicker to dry products

Modern electric dryers are equipped with convenient mechanical control systems, allowing to regulate the mode of drying. More expensive models work with electronic programming systems that will help to achieve the perfect result. Drying apples in an electric dryer of this type is done in a few hours.

Our article will help you choose a dryer for fruits and vegetables.

The principle of harvesting products in the dryer

In the preparation of products for drying, you must adhere to some rules. It should carefully sort out the raw materials, large fruit is recommended to be cut into pieces. For drying, you need to choose ripe vegetables and fruits. You should not save space - it is better to decompose products on trays freely.

When harvesting juicy fruits or vegetables, it is desirable to lay paper on trays. After most of the moisture has evaporated, the litter can be removed. If you plan to dry the dill in an electric dryer, it must first be washed and dried from moisture.

Drying of dill in an electric drier can be combined with any other greens.

Recommendations when working with electric dryer:

  • start drying at high temperatures, finish at low,
  • on one tray should be dried one type of product
  • should be periodically rotated trays for high-quality drying,
  • you can not perederzhivat billet in the dryer, otherwise it may reduce the content of nutrients.

Finished products should be packaged in paper bags and stored in a cool dry place.

Harvested cherries in dried and dried form

The drying of all the berries in the electric drier is carried out according to a certain principle: in order to get a quality product, you need to pay special attention to the choice of fruits. For harvesting, only ripe fruits are selected, without putrid inclusions, dark spots, cracks.

Drying of cherries in an electric dryer is possible both with a stone, and without

If you plan to use cherries in winter to bake cakes, the stones should be removed. But for the preparation of compotes or jelly - berries, dried whole will do.

Drying cherries in an electric dryer does not affect the beneficial properties of the berries:

  • 5 pounds of berries carefully sorted out, wash with running water and dry,
  • we grease the trays with sunflower oil and arrange the cherry in a uniform layer,
  • dry the product at a spit temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius until fully prepared.

Определить готовность можно по внешнему виду, высушенная ягода напоминает изюм, а при надавливании на нее не выделяется жидкость. Так же, как и сушка смородины в электросушилке, заготовка вишни может занять до 24 часов, в зависимости от качества продукта и модели рабочего аппарата.

Сушеные фрукты и овощи занимают мало места, и не требуют особенных условий хранения

Если вы хотите получить на выходе сладкую вяленую вишню, заготовку можно провести следующим образом:

  • подготавливаем 5 кг свежих ягод, удаляем косточки,
  • boil 0.5 liters of water, stir 0.75 kg of sugar,
  • pour the cherry into the sugar syrup for 5 minutes,
  • we take out the product, let us drain the liquids, and lay the workpiece on the trays in an electric dryer,
  • dry cherries for 8-10 hours at 60 degrees Celsius.

The finished product should be stored in paper bags or in glass containers with a tight-fitting lid.

Drying raspberries in an electric dryer is performed using exactly the same technology as cherry. It is recommended to choose a not very large, but dense berry, not crushed, and not "let the juice." Raspberries collected by yourself in the garden can not be washed, provided there are no treatments for pests and diseases.

Peculiarities of drying vegetables

Drying vegetables for the winter has several advantages compared with other methods of harvesting. Dried products occupy a minimum of space, can be stored for a long time and at the same time does not lose taste and useful qualities. Drying zucchini in an electric dryer is an ideal way for housewives who are trying to stock up on healthy vegetables for the winter.

Dried zucchini with spices - the most delicious natural chips

Harvesting is as follows:

  • high-quality zucchini washed, peeled and peeled, cut into cubes or rings,
  • raw materials are placed in boiling water for 3-5 minutes,
  • then put the product in a strainer to remove moisture,
  • laid out zucchini on trays and placed in an electric dryer.

For cooking use temperature in the range of 45-60 degrees Celsius. Until the product is fully prepared, it will take 5-6 hours.

To find out if the vegetables are ready, check by touch the lack of moisture and the fragility of the finished product.

Drying cucumbers in an electric dryer is carried out on the same principle. Vegetables are cut into slices, 5 mm thick and laid out on trays. The degree of readiness is easy to determine when you click on the workpiece: the absence of liquid suggests that cucumbers can be folded for long-term storage.

Drying vegetables, fruits and berries in an electric drier is the best way to prepare healthy fruits from your garden for the winter. It is chosen not only for the purpose of preservation of useful qualities and diversity, but also to save space. Dried fruits take up little space, do not require the purchase of preservatives and bulk cans, and are very beneficial to the health of the body.

Recipes with dried cherries

Well, they dried, laid everything in storage. The question arises, what can be done with dried cherries in winter. I offer you these recipes:

  1. Cook compote, adding other dried berries.
  2. Eat instead of candy.
  3. Cooking cherry kissel, pour water or juice.
  4. Add to baking instead of raisins or with it. I love to add them to the cake, like candied fruits.
  5. And, of course, chocolate-covered cherries.

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan. We throw dried berry to it, mix everything thoroughly, and now gently, individually, you can do it with tweezers, put it on parchment paper. Give the chocolate to harden. Here's a yummy you should get.

Dear friends, I think that now you wanted to dry the cherries in order to have a wonderful opportunity to eat winter chocolate-cherry candies, delicious compotes and kissels. And if you do not want to bother, then just pour them on a saucer, sit in the winter evening in front of the TV and enjoy the amazingly delicious berries. What is not a replacement for seeds, popcorn or candy.

I wish you bon appetit, delicious recipes and creative success in the kitchen. Good luck!

I wish you all happiness, Natalia Murga

Positive minute

I love cherries, in the form of any: Dried, compote, syrup! In the flowering spring, in autumn and color! And on the lips - a bright sweet spot!

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