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How to feed the tomatoes after planting in the ground: a fertilizer of tomatoes


These are inorganic supplements that promote the rapid growth of the plant and the group formation of ovaries. Mineral fertilizers can be purchased at any specialty store.

There are two groups of mineral fertilizers:

These feedings include the following elements:

  • Nitrogen. Help form new shoots. These fertilizers are used at the stage of growth of the bush, as well as after planting in the soil. Nitrogen top dressing during plant growth is not recommended to be used or used with caution, since the overgrowth of nitrogen leads to the formation of processes, and the development of the fruits slows down.
  • Phosphoric. Contribute to the formation and development of the roots of the bush, which is especially important after planting crops in the ground.
  • Potash. They help the roots to fully form, increase the protective forces of the plant to resist diseases, and also have a positive effect on the taste properties of tomatoes.

These fertilizers saturate tomatoes with useful substances that allow the gardener to harvest a rich harvest.


These are products of animal and vegetable origin. They consist of a whole range of nutrients, so these fertilizers are popular with gardeners.

This product is usually used in the spring when digging a vegetable garden. Proportions - 6 kg of mullein per 1 m2 of land. In addition, fertilizer is also used after planting crops.

In 2.5 kg of product add 10 liters of water and insist 1.5 weeks. This concentrated diluted with water in proportions of 1:10. The tool is used for irrigation of the roots. For one bush requires a liter of solution.

It is a universal product that not only nourishes the plant with useful components, but also prevents the roots from freezing during cooling in the soil. To make such a fertilizer, take:

The product is poured with water, the product is stirred and left to infuse for several hours. The finished solution is used for bait plants.

To prepare such dressing, you will need:

  • dry yeast - 1 pack,
  • warm water - 3 l,
  • sugar - 10 large spoons.

Sugar is mixed with yeast and warm water is added. The solution is placed in a warm place for 6 hours to infuse. Means is used for top dressing of tomatoes in diluted form at the rate of 3 parts of concentrate for 7 parts of water.

Root dressing

This is a traditional type of top dressing, which is known both to gardeners with experience, and novice gardeners. The essence of the procedure - fertilization in the ground, in the place where the roots of the bush. This will allow the plant to absorb the beneficial elements for good growth and fruit ovaries.

When performing root dressing, it is important to use fertilizers so that the composition does not get on the plant in order to avoid bush burning. Before the procedure, it is recommended to loosen the soil, so that the plant absorbs useful elements faster and the earth retains moisture longer.

Foliar top dressing

The essence of foliar feeding - spraying the bushes with special compounds. This method of fertilizing a plant has the following advantages:

  • low fertilizer consumption, because all the useful substances are sprayed on the bush,
  • Tomatoes get more vitamins and minerals, because when the root bait part goes into the soil,
  • bushes quickly absorb beneficial elements, so this method of fertilizer is suitable for providing emergency assistance to a withering plant.

When carrying out such a manipulation it is recommended to observe some rules:

  • use only pure water for the preparation of the product, since the liquid from the tap contains chlorine, which leaves traces on the plant,
  • apply a diluted solution to the irrigation of the bushes so as not to burn the stem and leaves.

About fertilizer tomatoes will tell a specialist in the video below.