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How to properly prune the peach on the site


Peach - culture whimsical and requires greater attention. One of the main conditions for the successful cultivation of the peach orchard is the proper formation of trees.

But any manipulation with the pruner must be performed correctly, timely and be reasonable. All the secrets of "green surgery" - in this material.

Is it possible and why cut the peach tree?

Any garden culture is prunedto increase the period of fruiting and yield. A peach is also cut in order to increase its resistance to adverse climatic conditions.

From the method of forming the crown of the tree directly depends on the hardiness of the plant. For example, a peach formed by a “spindlebush” (“spindle”) would be wonderful to winter in the south — in Cherkessk or Makhachkala, but already in the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov-on-Don may freeze. Here it is better to grow it in a bowl.

In central Russia, the branches of the peach need to lower even lower and form a bush. And in more severe conditions, it should be laid horizontally at all - in a stanace.

In addition to the formative peach, it is prescribed a regulatory, restorative, rejuvenating and sanitary pruning.

In addition to the formative, peach make regulatory, restorative, rejuvenating and sanitary pruning

Choosing the right time: spring, summer or autumn?

Peach trimming starts from the 2nd year of life. By this time, the plant is already "open" - it has several side shoots. Future skeletal branches are selected from them.

There is no sense to start pruning before. Of course, pinching the top will stimulate the growth of the lateral branches.

However, if you grab too much, the shoots will go at an acute angle to the conductor. To fix such a tree will take extra time.

Peach refers to crops that are pruned need in spring and summer and autumn.

Experienced peachwatchers recommend calculating the remaining branches after autumn pruning. There should be no more than eighty.

The scheme of summer, spring and autumn pruning

In any season it is important to choose the right time for pruning.. Wet weather, rain, dew contribute to the penetration of infection into cuts and cuts. Therefore, the operation should be planned on a dry clear day.

Minimum set of tools and materials for trimming include:

  • pruner,
  • lopper cutter
  • garden knife
  • garden file,
  • copper sulphate,
  • garden putty.

Before the operation, the entire instrument must be sanitized with any fungicide or simply boiling water, and then wiped dry.

Before pruning, tools must be sanitized with any fungicide, just boiling water, wiped dry

The scheme of spring pruning peach:

  1. When forming a "bowl" in a two-year-old seedling, a thistle height of about 50 cm is measured.
  2. Three skeletal branches located at a large angle to the conductor and directed in different directions are determined. They are shortened by 2 buds so that the upper one looks outwards.
  3. The conductor is cut over the upper side branch. Extra shoots are removed on the ring.
  4. Older trees inspect overwintered shoots. Broken and frozen ones are removed.
  5. To rejuvenate peach, remove all branches with wood older than 4 years.

Spring peach pruning: