General information

When to remove onions from the garden to storage


The most responsible and pleasant mission of gardeners comes during the harvest period. It is necessary to take into account that each crop separately requires special rules during the harvesting process, and the bow is not an exception. Therefore it is important to know when to remove the onions from the garden for storage. This article describes in detail when and how to collect onions of different varieties, how to do it correctly, to preserve the harvest all winter. In this process it is very important to determine the time of harvesting, its safety will depend on it in the future.

How to determine the timing of harvesting onions

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Bow need to clean after it reaches full maturity. Given the climatic conditions, this does not happen at the same time in different regions. For accurate information, it is recommended to use the lunar calendar.

Collection time

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Gardeners should know the time of gathering onions in their region. If you do not adhere to the recommendations, then you can not harvest the crop before the air temperature and daily rain fall. As a result, the vegetable will be spoiled and will not be intended for long storage.

Moon calendar

Using data from the lunar calendar, you can determine under which moon (at full or decreasing) it is best to collect onions and garlic. So, according to the calendar data on 2018, it is necessary to start cleaning the bulbs on the appointed days.

  • July. 6 - 13 and 27 numbers.
  • August. 4-11, 26-30 numbers.
  • September. 3 - 9, 25 - 30 numbers.

Such information for the gardener bring great benefits. However, the days should be adjusted if it rains at the appointed time. Then you need to wait until it subsides.

How to determine that the onion has ripened

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To know the exact date of ripening onions, you need to know the number of its planting and the growing season. In addition, mature culture can be identified by visual data:

  • the feather dried and fell to the ground
  • the bulb neck is completely dry and when pressed it does not protrude moisture,
  • the bulb itself is dense and “dressed” in dry husk.

Batun and chives

The onion batun is ready for cutting when it reaches 25 cm in height. With such parameters, it is more useful and juicy. Since July, his leaves are getting tougher, he needs a rest period of 45-60 days.

And in September-October, the harvest can be re-harvested.

If you plant a batun sevok in the fall, you can get early greens. The first harvest of this crop is carried out in May, when the leaves reach 30 cm.

Tip! In order to remove the crop from the bush several times, onion feathers are cut above the growth point. However, subsequent charges will not be as rich.

He has no features by which his maturity can be determined. You just need to remember the day of landing and calculate the time of collection. Typically, this type of onion begin to remove from the beds in late September - early October. Vegetable tolerates cold, but before the first frost it must be fully collected from the site.

This plant can be described in the same way as onion. Distinctive features are the fact that shallot belongs to the early grade. At the end of July, onion feathers turn yellow and fall. This becomes a signal to harvest.

To obtain onion sets in April planted chernushku. By August, he will reach full degree of maturity. Sevok itself is one of the stages of onion development. All the rules of growing and harvesting are similar. Maturation can be determined by yellow and fallen feathers.

Watch the video! We bring onions to full maturity


Before the onset of cold weather, the bulbs are kept in an unheated room, for example, in the attic.

In winter, heads should be kept warm, dry, in the absence of sunlight. The house is well suited mezzanine or storeroom, cellar.

Onion storage temperature - from 0 ° C to + 20 ° C. Does not tolerate turnip high humidity and its fluctuations.