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Fungicide Ordan: instructions for use of the drug


If plants are affected by a fungal disease, then it is rather difficult to cure them. Fully infected vegetables and berries are no longer amenable to treatment, but in the early stages of the disease, which will be noticed in time, cultures can still be saved. Fungal disease is difficult to prevent due to the proliferation of spores. In addition, they manage to quickly adapt to the drugs with which they are trying to withdraw. One of the best means to combat fungi is "Ordan, cn." Domestic drug is not addictive dispute to the substances contained in it.

The composition of the order. Drug use

The unique composition is distinguished by the combination of two active substances different directions:

  • Copper chlorine has a fungicidal and bacterial action. The substance interferes with the process of mineralization of organic substances, which occurs in the spores, and thereby destroys the fungus.
  • Cymoxanil It has a protective and healing effect. The activity of the substance lasts up to 6 days. During this period, cymoxanil sneaks deep into the internal tissues of the plant and destroys fungal spores, regenerating the affected cells.

The order is issued with powder in 25 g sachets, 1 kg boxes or 15 kg bags.

Due to the different directions of bioactive substances, the main advantages fungicide:

  • The drug has a therapeutic, eradicating and prophylactic action.
  • Fungicide copes with a large number of plant diseases.
  • Multifunctional remedy is used for the treatment of vegetable, tuber and fruit crops for various diseases.
  • Ordan can be combined with most other chemicals.
  • Subject to the recommendations in the instructions, the drug does not harm the plants, as well as man.
  • Does not cause addiction in parasites to substances.

From reviews of gardeners and gardeners need to specify a few cons:

  • The powder mixture is inconvenient because it is easy to inhale inadvertently.
  • Bagging is not as convenient as in boxes or sachets.
  • The released form of the drug is not economical, although the price for packaging is quite acceptable. To prepare the solution requires large doses of Ordan.
  • The drug has a negative effect on fish and bees.

Application fungicide is carried out for plants grown on open ground, in greenhouses and home conditions.

Ordan fungicide: instructions for use

Treatment of diseased plants is carried out in the morning or evening, so that the bushes do not get sunburn from the scorching rays of the sun during the day. It is desirable that the weather was windless.

The beginning of the action of the funds comes 2 days after the spraying procedure. Cymoxanil penetrates 2–3 hours after treatment with the drug. For the whole season, they are treated three times with periods of 1-2 weeks.

The order is diluted in a small container with water, mixing the mixture thoroughly. The resulting liquid mass is diluted in a bucket of water and periodically stirred during the processing of the plants. The prepared solution is necessary to spend on the same day.

Grape Processing Ordan

Instructions for use involves the use of the drug to combat mildew and late blight of grapes. For the best effect means combined with pesticides. Preventive treatment is carried out in the spring during the growing season.

25 g of powder is diluted in 10 liters of water. For every 100 square meters. m spend 5-6 liters of solution. Treatments held at intervals of 1-2 weeks. After collecting the berries, another spraying is carried out to reduce the risk of recurring disease of the grapes.

The use of fungicide for cucumbers

All summer residents know that cucumbers often become infected with peronosporosis, or downy mildew. Preservation of fungal spores in the ground can last several years. Infection can overtake the plant at any stage of development. The reasons for the appearance of perinosporosis are watering with water. low temperatures, day and night temperature drops, high humidity levels, condensation on the greenhouse film, improper agricultural practices, too much fertilizer, etc.

25 g of Ordan is dissolved in 5 liters of water, which is enough for a plot of 100 square meters. m. If the vegetables are grown in a closed ground, the drug is diluted in 8 liters of water. Treatments are made every 7-10 days.

Ordan for tomatoes

Many tomato varieties are susceptible to brown rot, which spreads through the stems and leaves of the plant during the entire growing season. After 20-25 days after planting seedlings in open or closed ground spend processing seedlings for preventive purposes. The repetition of late blight occurs in August, when humidity increases due to frequent rains and temperature drops occur. The number of procedures is adjusted to 5 times.

Dilution of the drug takes place in the same proportions as for cucumbers.

Use of fungicide for potatoes

Vegetable culture is often affected by powdery mildew, brown and white spot, as well as gray rot of fruits. For prevention, the culture is sprayed at an early stage of development. Repeated treatment is carried out in 1-2 weeks.

A bag of powder is diluted in 5 liters of water. This volume is enough for 100 square meters. m

Fungicide compatibility with other drugs

The order is good in that it can be combined with almost all other preparations for treating plants for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. When crops are viral or bacterial diseases, and insect pests occupy the stems and leaves, Ordan mixed with additional funds for a more effective result.

To check for compatibility, both drugs are diluted first in separate containers, and then combined in one container. Means are incompatible, if in the resulting mixture precipitates. In its absence, the solution is used for its intended purpose.

If it is necessary to use several pesticides, then each new tool is added after the previous one is completely dissolved. Ordan compatible only with pesticides that are acidic or neutral. Preparations containing alkali are prohibited from mixing with Ordan.

Precautions in working with the drug

The following should be observed when working with a pesticide. regulations:

  1. Foliar treatment of plants occurs in the form of spraying Ordan. The instruction does not provide for other methods of using the funds.
  2. Working with Ordan provides for the mandatory use of protective equipment in the form of clothing and footwear, working gloves, goggles and a respirator.
  3. The solution after preparation is used completely. If part of the solution remains unused, then it is disposed of in specially designated areas.
  4. At the end of the procedure, hands and face should be washed with running water and soap.
  5. A container in which the fungicide was diluted should be thoroughly rinsed, dried and cleaned to be isolated from children and animals.

If the product has come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water. If the solution got into the mouth or inside, then you need to rinse your mouth and clean the stomach, causing vomiting. Without the use of a respiratory mask, toxic fumes can easily penetrate the lungs. Work should be stopped, all workwear should be removed and washed. In any case, you should consult a doctor who will accurately determine the degree of poisoning and assist in cleansing the body of toxins.

Purchase and storage of Ordan

You can buy a fungicide in any store of products for the garden and the garden or order it online, at the same time online you can read reviews about the preparation and make sure of its effectiveness. Ordan's shelf life is 3 years. Store the drug must be in a dark and dry room, which must be isolated from children and animals. It is not necessary to set the temperature, it does not affect the hermetically sealed means. But the direct hit of the rays on the packaging can spoil the drug, so you should choose a shady place. After expiration of the storage period, the fungicide cannot be used.

Planted several rare grape varieties in their summer cottage. Fungicide Ordan was very effective as a prophylactic agent. And last year, she noted her healing qualities. The spread of the fungus stops for 10 days, then the procedure must be repeated. I am satisfied with the drug, but during the application it has to be stirred frequently.

Not the first year I have been using Ordan from the company “August” and decided to leave a review about it. Acquaintance with him began from the moment when I discovered blight on the leaves of cultivated potatoes. It was in the summer, when there was rainy and cold weather. Neighbors in the country advised to buy Ordan, which for the price turned out to be inexpensive. The first experience was successful, the disease receded. Then I decided to try it out for tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. The results were 5+. Now I use only this fungicide. There is no reason to change it to another means.

Previously processed tomatoes Bordeaux liquid, but then decided to try Ordan. I spend the first spraying closer to the end of May, the second - in September, when it starts to rain and colder. Results can be expected soon. After the second or third treatment bushes get rid of the disease and they grow next healthy leaves. For the price, quality and efficiency suits.