General information

Origanum Oríganum vulgáre


Oregano vulgaris is very useful due to its many beneficial medicinal properties. They classify it as a herbal dioecious perennial plant and rank it as a family of Yasnotkovyh (Labiaceae).

Reaches a height of 80 cm. Small flowers are located in the axils of the leaves of the apex and have a mauve color.

It is ubiquitous in the European part of Russia, from the Caucasus to the south of Siberia. Typical habitat - dry plains and meadows, thickets of small bushes, often adorn the slopes of mountains and hills.

Entitled Oregano, in Mexico and in many European countries is used as a seasoning, it is added when preserving cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms.

The plant is collected in late July - early August. The tops, 20-30 centimeters long, are cut, not pulled, the plant has a weak root system. The cut parts are dried in a well-ventilated, without access to direct sunlight room.

Store in a tightly closed container - a year for medicinal use, as a seasoning - up to two years.

But back to the most important thing - the excellent healing properties of oregano herb.

Medicinal properties and contraindications of oregano for women and men

In gynecology, Oregano grass is used in the complex treatment of hormonal disorders, with uterine bleeding, its ability to regulate the menstrual cycle is known. Therefore, another of its names - “Maternal”, “Maternal Grass”.

Oregano is also useful for manifestations of menopause - it relieves hot flashes, removes excess anxiety, irritability. And during breastfeeding infusion of our herb oregano will add milk production, relieve the stress of the first months of life of the baby and the young mommy. The effect will be more persistent when combined in the recipe of oregano and melissa.

The male population does not use oregano, its potency-lowering effect is known.

Chemical composition of oregano

The strong smell and beneficial properties of oregano are due to the large amount of essential oils, mainly rosemary acid, thymol and carvacrol. In addition, it contains organic acids, phytohormones, a large amount of vitamin C (up to 500 mg per 100 g), up to 20% tannins.

The use of oregano in traditional medicine

Oregano ordinary has many useful properties, and this is due to its widespread use in medicine.

  • Oregano grass contains substances that can kill cancer cells.
  • Preparations from it help to get rid of various pains, including headache and even toothache.
  • In addition, a decoction of grass perfectly soothes the nerves, drives depression and melancholy, fights against increased irritability, including sexual.
  • When insomnia, in addition to receiving the infusion, dry collection of oregano lay in the pillow.
  • Due to the antimicrobial properties of essential oils, infusions are used for colds, rinse the mouth and throat for ulceration and inflammation.
  • Useful in infusions for respiratory, diseases - asthma, pneumonia, various types of bronchitis.
  • The infusion of the herb increases the secretion of the stomach, the secretion of bile, acts as a diuretic, has a positive effect on intestinal motility.
  • Lotion with infusion effective for non-allergic rashes on the skin. Baths with infusion is used for eczema, accompanied by itching.
  • Beauticians recommend her face and wipe her broth with tincture, so that the skin becomes clean.
  • Infusions for baldness wash rare scalp.

Oregano essential oil - the use of oregano for inhalation

  • A few drops of medicinal plant oil inhalations will soften the cough, will increase the secretory function of the bronchi.
  • You can take this oil and inside, but not more than 5 drops three times a day for the same, treating cough.
  • It will also help with painful joints for rubbing.
  • Due to its wound-healing properties, they can lubricate small scratches, small wounds, small burns.
  • Oregano oil and pain in the teeth and gums respond to the analgesic properties.
  • The aroma of the oil tones, gives energy and good mood. Often able to remove headaches.

Cooking infusion of oregano

So. How to brew oregano right?

Oregano plant can be consumed in a fresh, undried form in cooking. As for the present ...

To prepare the infusion, take a couple of tablespoons of dry raw material into a glass of boiling water only. Infuse in a tightly closed glass, clay or enamel plate for 15–20 minutes. The infusion is taken orally in a slightly cooled form, fifteen minutes before a meal, take half a glass twice a day. To infusion before use, you can add a spoonful of honey.

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In medicine

Inside, an oregano herb infusion is used in adults as an expectorant for upper respiratory tract diseases (acute and chronic bronchitis, ARVI), as a means of increasing appetite and improving digestion, in secretory insufficiency of the gastrointestinal tract, in intestinal atony, and in enterocolitis, accompanied by constipation and flatulence.

Externally used for lotions with pustular skin diseases and diathesis, in the form of baths and phytoapplications - with limited microbial eczema, atopic dermatitis, especially in pediatric practice.

Oregano grass is part of many collections and dietary supplements.

In cosmetology

Oregano is useful in cosmetology. Oregano herb infusion is used for oily and mixed skin, prone to excessive sebaceous excretions, the appearance of acne and acne. Regular washing with an infusion of a plant makes the skin cleaner, matte and fresh.

Essential oil of oregano is used in perfumery for fragrance of toilet soap, colognes, lotions.

In aromatherapy

For the preparation of aromatic baths, you can use both Oregano grass (100 g of dry grass is brewed with 2 liters of boiling water, drawn for 30 minutes and filtered into the bath) and the essential oil of the plant. When conducting inhalation take 2 drops of essential oil to 1 liter of water. Inhalation is carried out within 3-5 minutes. To enrich creams, lotions, shampoos, shower gels take 2-3 drops of essential oil per 15 g of base.

Essential oil is added in small quantities. Before use, it is necessary to test for tolerance of the essential oil.

In cooking

Many cooks and chefs use Oregano seasoning for cooking, but not everyone knows that the so-called oregano is called such a beautiful word. It is impossible to imagine a real Neapolitan pizza without oregano (oregano). Although oregano is a typical spice of Italian cuisine, it is popular throughout Europe and is among those food seasonings that are available to everyone.

As a spice, it is common in Mexico, obviously, because it grows wild there. In cooking, dried oregano is usually used, although the taste of a fresh plant is more peculiar. This spice is recommended for tomatoes, cheeses, vegetables (especially beans), meat and fish.

Botanical description

Origanum is a perennial herb 30–90 cm tall. The leaves are petiolate, opposite, oblong-ovate, pointed at the top, finely toothed or almost entire, 2-4 cm long, dark green above, greyish green below. Stems are tetrahedral, softly pubescent or almost naked, often branched at the base.

Inflorescences in the form of a corymboid panicle, spreading many-flowered. The flowers are small, numerous, 3-5 mm long, pinkish-purple. The plant blooms from July to September, the fruits ripen from August. Oregano flower formula: ↑ × (5) L (2 + 3) Т4П (2). The fruit consists of four dark brown nuts, 0.5 mm long.


It grows on forest edges and clearings, in sparse deciduous and coniferous forests, among thickets of bushes, on the slopes of ravines, along roadsides, sometimes in forest belts and gardens in small, usually sparse groups.

It grows almost throughout the European part of the CIS (except for the Far North), in the south of Siberia to Transbaikalia, in the mountainous regions of Central Asia, in the Caucasus, in Ukraine, Belarus, less often in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Preparation of raw materials

As a medicinal raw material used oregano grass (Origani herba). The grass is harvested at the beginning of mass flowering. In later periods, the content of active substances is reduced. When harvesting cut leafy tops of plants with a length of 15-30 cm. Dry the raw materials in well-ventilated attics, under a canopy, laying out a thin layer on paper or fabric. It can be dried in a dryer at a temperature not higher than 35-40 o C. The dried grass is threshed (coarse stems are removed). It is possible to harvest raw materials in the same places in 2 years.

Pharmacological properties

Oregano herb has an expectorant, choleretic, diuretic and sedative effect, it has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Essential oil of oregano enhances the secretion of digestive and bronchial glands, stimulates peristalsis and increases intestinal tone.

A high antibacterial activity of aqueous extracts and alcohol tinctures from oregano has been established. Thymol plant essential oil causes a moderate antimicrobial, antiviral effect. Therefore, the grass oregano is appropriate to use to combat pathogens.

Use in traditional medicine

For many centuries, oregano served as a sedative and light hypnotic, especially in children's practice. Infusion herbs are used to alleviate the painful condition of children in infancy and women in menopause, which was the reason for the name of the plant in the people - the mother.

Apply oregano to increase the separation of bile, with intestinal and gastric spasms, vomiting, headache, violation of menstruation.

The medicinal properties of oregano were used for nervous disorders, for epilepsy in the form of infusion.

In folk medicine in Russia, oregano is used for asphyxiation and colds. The infusion of herbs was taken inside and outwardly "from impurities and rashes on the body", from scrofula and as a means for hair growth. Villagers like to drink oregano tea, especially during field work. For migraine and insomnia, oregano infusion is washed up. From the grass oregano prepare bath for children suffering from diathesis, pruritus.

As a resorption agent, compresses of fresh or dry leaves, but soaked in boiling water, are used, which are applied to skin infiltrates.


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Plant description

Oregano Herb - herba origani
Oregano ordinary - origanum vulgare l.
Sem. Sponge flowers - lamiaceae (labiatae)

Other names: brass color, borovoy Kostolomna grass, motherboard, dushanka, ladanka, winch, forest mint, fleece, zenovka.

Perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant with a height of 30-60 cm.
Stems erect or ascending, branched, tetrahedral.
Leaves opposite, short-petiolate, ovate or oblong-ovate, entire, rarely unclear finely toothed, dark green, lighter underneath.
Flowers five-membered, small, calyx purple, five-toothed, double-lipped corolla, violet-pink (sometimes white).
Inflorescence - panicle-thyroid.
Fetus - cenobium, disintegrating into 4 lobes (erema) (fig. 5.44).
The plant has a pleasant, fragrant the smell.
It blooms from July to September, the fruits begin to ripen from August.

Oregano ordinary

Oregano leaf microscopy

When considering the sheet visible from the surface are cells of the upper epidermis with weakly sinuous, in some places, clearly shaped thickened side walls.
Cells of the lower epidermis more tortuous.
Stomata numerous, surrounded by two cells of the epidermis, located perpendicular to the stomatal gap (diacytic type).
Hairs two types (simple and capitate), located throughout the plate of the sheet, especially from the bottom.

Fig. 5.45. Oregano leaf microscopy

Simple hairs numerous, coarse-warty, 1-5-cell, capitate hairs on a single-celled pedicle with an oval single-celled head.
Essential oil glands rounded, with 8 radially located secretory cells, located mainly on the lower side of the leaf, at the point of attachment of the gland the epidermal cells often form an outlet (Fig. 5.45).

Fig. 5.45. Microscopy of oregano leaf:
And the epidermis of the lower side of the sheet
B - epidermis of the upper side of the leaf,
B - sheet edge:
1 - capitated hair, 2 - simple hair,
3 - essential oil gland.

Harvesting and storage of raw materials

Stocking The collection of raw materials is carried out during the flowering period (July - first half of August) Cut off leafy tops up to 20 cm long with knives, sickles or pruners, separate thick stems, impurities.

Security measures. When harvesting raw materials can not pull out plants with roots, as this leads to the destruction of thickets. Необходимо оставлять 25-30 % цветущих побегов для семенного возобновления. Заготовку сырья на одних и тех же массивах можно проводить 2-3 года подряд, затем – перерыв на 1-2 года.

Сушка. Dried grass in attics with good ventilation, under the eaves. Raw materials are laid out in a thin layer (1-2 plants), periodically turned over. Temperature of artificial drying should not exceed 40 ºС.

Standardization. GF XI, vol. 2, Art. 55, Change No. 1 of June 16, 1999 and GOST 50246-92.

Storage. In a dry, well-ventilated area according to the rules of storage of essential oil raw materials. The shelf life of the raw material is 2 years, the powder is 1 year and 6 months.

The chemical composition of oregano

TRava oregano contains

  • 0.3-1.2% of essential oil, which consists of:
    • phenols - thymol (up to 10%) and its isomer carvacrol,
    • sesquiterpenoids (12.5%),
    • monoterpenoids - geranyl acetate (up to 5%), etc.

Oil has pleasant smell and has bactericidal properties.

Oregano grass selected

  • phenolic acids (up to 12-20%),
  • flavonoids,
  • ascorbic acid,
  • tannins.


  1. Oregano grass, raw minced. Expectorant, antiseptic.
  2. In the composition of the collections (collection chest number 1, collection of sedative number 3, collection diaphoretic number 2).
  3. Extract and essential oil are included in the composition of complex drugs ("Urolesan", "Valoserdin", "Bronkhosan").

Water-alcohol extraction is a part of general strengthening balms ("Pervoprestolny", "Muscovy") and elixirs ("Vivaton", "Altai", "Demidov"), etc.

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From the history

Since ancient times, oregano is used in folk medicine. In ancient Russia, the infusion of this herb was taken inside for insomnia, cold, cough, turning into asphyxiation. Broths were used externally to get rid of "sewage and rashes on the body." They were also used for scrofula and as a means of promoting hair growth. It was considered female grass, beneficial to women, regulating and treating “female” functions and ailments.

In the villages people often drank oregano tea, it quenches thirst well, especially in the summer season.

“Russian medicinal herbalist” edited by doctor of medicine I. Kashinsky says the following about oregano: “The pharmacies prepare: fragrant herbal preparations and dried oranges. This herb, pleasant in its spiciness, is used for seasoning food, roasted in a dry frying pan, serves instead of real tea. ”

There are references to this medicinal plant in Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Lristotle, Lristofan. These doctors called her "origan." Odo of Mena wrote:

In addition to therapeutic purposes, the amulet was used in magical rituals, for example, in a protective ritual for home and household items.

The old ritual did not reach us completely, but modern herbalists do this.

They take equal amounts of oregano, laurel and rosemary, make a decoction of them, cool and spray the house with this decoction, moving clockwise and repeating the hex:

"I banish evil and negative energy.

Such is my will, let it be so! ”

Splatter need furniture and everything that is in the house. There is no need to get involved in and leave drips of water on the furniture and walls, just enough light splashes with your fingers. During the procedure you need to submit, your house is cleared of all negative. The remains of unused solution must be drained into the toilet.

Collection and storage rules

For medicinal purposes use flowers and leaves. You need to collect them during the flowering period - that is, from June to September. Most often used for litter the second half of July and early August.

Cut with a knife, shears or sickle tops of the plant, together with flowers 20-30 cm long. You can not pull out the plant from the root, so as not to lead him to death. Be sure to leave a few plants uncut for their reproduction.

When collecting, fold them neatly into the bags, without pressing them down, loosely and, if possible, immediately after collecting, they are sent to dry.

Dried in the shade in the open air or in a well-ventilated room (in the attic, in the barn), bundling or folding in a thin layer and occasionally stirring. You can also dry in the oven at a temperature not higher than 30-35 degrees so that the essential oils do not evaporate. With proper drying, the concentration of essential oils in dry raw materials increases.

A sign of a completely dried plant - the stems break easily, but do not bend.

After drying, they are threshed in bags with the help of sticks or rubbed on a coarse sieve (or metal grid), resulting in a mixture of dried flowers and leaves, the stems are removed, since they are not a medicinal raw material.

The finished medicinal raw material has a fairly strong aroma, the taste is slightly astringent, spicy, bitter, natural color.

Storage - in tightly closed glass jars (no more than 3 years), in wooden boxes or paper bags (no more than 2 years).

Application (General)

  • Used in official and traditional medicine (see below).
  • In beekeeping is considered a good honey plant.
  • Effective tool to combat moths.
  • Essential oil is used in the perfume industry as a fragrance in the manufacture of soap, toilet water, cheap cologne.
  • Fragrance for baths and living spaces.
  • In cooking, oregano is for many mysterious seasoning oregano. Used as a spice for cooking soups, meat, pizza, vegetable dishes, pickles (most often - cucumbers, cabbage, mushrooms - salted mushrooms, waves, mushrooms), sausages, fish dishes. Dushitsa - one of the most popular seasonings in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany.
  • With oregano make tea (from the leaves), kvass, beer, wine, tinctures, liqueurs.
  • For dyeing wool. Gives orange-red color depending on the mordant (flowers).
  • In agriculture, it is a fodder plant for cows, horses, goats, and sheep.

Use in medicine

It is widely used in official and traditional medicine. Main areas of use:

  • for insomnia
  • in diseases of the liver and stomach,
  • with colds as an expectorant and for gargling,
  • with bronchitis and other respiratory diseases,
  • from female diseases - with amenorrhea, algomenorrhea, mastitis, colpitis,
  • with prostate,
  • as a sedative for nervous agitation, insomnia, increased libido, neurosis,
  • enhances the work of the digestive glands and intestinal peristalsis,
  • enhances the secretion of bronchial glands,
  • with increased pressure
  • with reduced secretion of gastric juice,
  • with toothache as a painkiller,
  • outwardly in the treatment of ulcers, boils, scrofula, eczema,
  • outwardly for rinsing the mouth with inflammatory diseases,
  • as anthelmintic,
  • as an appetite enhancer,
  • like aromatic baths.

Included in the medical fees and teas: diuretic, carminative, diaphoretic.

Bath with oregano has a calming effect, relieves stress, is useful in the treatment of skin diseases, soothes cough, normalizes sleep.

Essential oil of oregano (another name - hop oil or hop oil) is used only externally for baths, preparation of soap and some ointments. In folk medicine, it was buried in the hollow of a sick tooth and in the ears to reduce pain.

Buy dry raw oregano, essential oil, as well as medicinal tea and medicinal fees can be in pharmacies and specialty stores.

Preparation of infusions, decoctions and teas

Oregano consumed inside in the form of infusions and decoctions.

Cooking infusion

15 g of dry grass is poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to cool. Then filter and drink 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals in the form of heat. This infusion is used in intestinal atony, to stimulate appetite, as well as in low acidity of gastric juice.

For children prepare an infusion of 5 g of grass per 200 ml of boiling water. Give also 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

Cooking broth

Take 2 parts oregano and 1 part herbs:

  • peppermint,
  • thyme,
  • sage,
  • lavender
  • carnations
  • calamus root,
  • angelica root.

Two teaspoons of this mixture is poured with 1 cup of hot water, brought to a boil, boiled for 5-7 minutes on low heat, allowed to cool, filter. Take half a glass 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. This decoction is used to treat diseases of the stomach.

Another decoction for the treatment of the stomach:

Equal parts of oregano, sage, mint and lavender mix, take 1 tablespoon of this mixture, pour 1 cup boiling water and boil for 3 minutes. Then infuse for 30 minutes and strain. Take in the evening after eating 1 glass.

Soothing forest tea for insomnia.

To 100 g of ordinary tea add 1 teaspoon:

  • oregano
  • mint,
  • valerian root,
  • motherwort leaves,
  • hop cones.

Take 1 teaspoon of the resulting mixture, brewed with boiling water as usual tea, insist and drink every night before bed. Store the dry mixture in a tightly closed glass jar.

Thoracic expectorant collection.

  • 1 part oregano,
  • 2 pieces of leaves coltsfoot,
  • 2 parts of Althea root.

Take 1 tablespoon of 2-3 cups of boiling water, insist 20 minutes and filter through several layers of gauze. Drink half a glass 2-3 times a day.

Preparation of alcohol tincture with antipyretic and diaphoretic action.

Take 1 tablespoon:

Crush the mixture in a coffee grinder or blender, pour 250 ml of vodka and insist for 8 days in a dark place, while stirring occasionally. Then filter. 15-20 drops of tincture are dissolved in half a glass of warm water and taken 2-3 times a day.

Preparation of alcohol tincture of oregano, which has a calming and tonic effect for insomnia, nervous fatigue and general weakness.

To 1 teaspoon of oregano herb add 200 ml of 70% alcohol and insist 7-10 days. Then the grass is pressed, the solution is filtered and take 15-20 drops per third cup of warm water 30 minutes before eating.

Alcohol tincture to regulate metabolism.

It will take 1 tablespoon:

  • oregano herbs
  • licorice root,
  • burdock root,
  • the grass is bright white,
  • succession herbs
  • strawberry leaves
  • lemon balm leaves.

Mix thoroughly and take 1 tablespoon of this mixture. Pour 200 ml of vodka and insist 7-8 days in a dark place, stirring occasionally. Then squeeze and filter. Drink 15-20 drops per third of a glass of water 2-3 times a day before meals.


  • Men should not get involved in the frequent use of oregano tea, as this leads to a decrease in potency.
  • Do not use during pregnancy, as oregano adversely affects the course of pregnancy.
  • Contraindicated in renal and hepatic failure, as well as intestinal colic.
  • Increased acidity of gastric juice (gastritis with increased acidity) is also a contraindication to the use of oregano.

That's all for today. See you in the next article under the heading "Herbal Medicine"!

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Oregano Herb Description

The plant often has the shape of a shrub and a creeping branched rhizome. Stems reddish in height from 30 to 90 cm, soft-hairy, erect, tetrahedral, often branched at the base.

The leaves of the plant have an ovate oblong shape, 2 to 4 cm in length, petioled, opposite, entire, dark green in color with translucent yellow dots — essential oil glands. From below they are of a lighter shade, softly pubescent with short hairs.

Oregano flowers are small, gathered in a complex semi-lingon flower of lilac-pink color, sitting in the axils of the bracts. Flowers at the top of the stem form a sprawling thyroid panicle.

The fruits of the plant are four nuts, each 0.5 mm long, round-ovate.

The plant has a pleasant aroma.

Found on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia (except for the Far North). It grows shrubs in the steppe meadows and dry glades.

The chemical composition of herbs oregano

Flowers and dry oregano grass contain essential oil, which contains phenols (carvacrol and thymol), aromatic alcohol. The plant also contains free spirits, tannins, bitricyclic sexviterpenes, bitter substances, flavonoids and ascorbic acid.

The seeds of the plant contain irrelevant oil.

The use of the properties of oregano in medicine

In scientific medicine, the sedative useful property of oregano is widely used. It is used for neurosis, for nervous disorders as a sedative, for insomnia. Also, the properties of oregano are used in intestinal atony, flatulence, enterocolitis, antacids and hypogastritis.

Apply the plant as an expectorant for bronchiectasis and bronchitis, and as a means to improve appetite.

Drugs based on oregano herb are prescribed for hemorrhoids, jaundice, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, migraine, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, and also as an antihelminthic.

In female diseases, especially in the postpartum period, the hemostatic property of oregano is used. It is used to improve lactation, with painful menstruation, and to alleviate the condition during menopause.

Infusion plants take chronic pharyngitis, whooping cough, sore throat, chronic tonsillitis. Infusion is often used for inhalation.

Excessive perspiration causes strong tea from the grass.

Outwardly, the plant is used for rachitis and allergies in children (take a bath). With suppurations, furunculosis, certain skin diseases and inflammation of the lymph nodes, lotions are made from the plant.

What is useful oregano

The popularity and wide distribution of this plant over time caused a lot of questions about the usefulness of oregano for humans.. Faced with a wide range of modern uses of grass, many are surprised and admired, which is not surprising. The use of oregano, thanks to its beneficial properties, is currently virtually unlimited.

Various compositions, tinctures and decoctions based on this medicinal herb are actively used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and a number of chronic diseases of various nature. The active substances in the chemical composition of oregano, have a stimulating effect on the secretion of gastric juice, as well as normalize digestion, increase appetite. Oregano decoctions, which are often a panacea in traditional medicine recipes, are an excellent expectorant. The calming effect, which also differs medicinal oregano, in turn, often helps people suffering from chronic insomnia and constant nervous tension.

It is noteworthy that the properties of oregano in medicine are used even in the treatment of a number of skin diseases, such as rashes and boils. Despite the wide range and variety of beneficial properties of the herb, its effect on the body of men and women often varies, which is why it is desirable to understand the usefulness of oregano for men and women.

The benefits of oregano for men

Along with the generally recognized benefits of the properties of medicinal herbs, experts identify rather specific indicators of the effect of oregano on the body of men. In addition to treating the gastrointestinal tract, the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system and other organs, the recipe of traditional medicine says that infusions and decoctions of oregano can help a man to get rid of alcohol addiction and tobacco smoking.

Useful properties for women

Over the years, almost every doctor and folk healer knows the benefits of oregano for women. Oregano-based drugs can help women in the treatment of countless gynecological diseases. For example, a decoction is able to relieve the girl from pain during menstruation, as well as to normalize the lost cycle of menstruation.

Among other things, the grass helps to increase the formation of milk during lactation. Immediately after the birth of the baby, Oregano helps to quickly return to normal, to the usual rhythm of life, and also restores the uterus and normalizes the menstruation cycle. Some experts and folk healers believe that oregano, the beneficial properties of which are already numerous, can help girls who are not actively developing their genitals and breasts. However, this opinion is shared by numerous women who have personally successfully tested this tool.

In addition to all of the above, with menopause, a herbal remedy helps to remove unpleasant painful hot flashes, and also relieves migraines and nervousness of the nervous system.

How to use oregano in cooking

Oregano herb is often used in cooking as a spice. The spice is obtained from the top of the stem of the plant, its leaves and flowers. Collecting herbs for culinary use at the end of the summer. In many countries, traditional national cuisine is impossible without the use of this spice.

For example, in Belgium and France, it has been used in meat and mushroom dishes, and in Italy - in pizza. The taste of oregano (oregano) gives an extraordinary aroma, combined with a delicate bitter-spicy taste. It is noteworthy that the plant has a rich taste, that is, it is quite enough to add it in small quantities. Oregano is often a key component in the composition of fragrant compositions used for liver, pate, sausages. Домохозяйки активно используют сушеную душицу при приготовлении запеченного картофеля с овощами. Помимо этого практически в каждой домовой кулинарной книге отмечается, что орегано отлично сочетается с тушеными, запеченными, жареными блюдами, а также с соусами и подливками.

Such dishes are distinguished by a gentle, but very rich taste. On the basis of oregano they often make spicy stuffing for meat dishes, eggs and pies. Moreover, the marinade for pickles and pickled vegetables also often contains this spice. The combination of oregano with other spices, such as black pepper, basil, marjoram, rosemary, is almost unique and inimitable in its aroma and taste.

How to procure medical raw materials

Oregano grass, the use of which is possible for various purposes and industries, is collected during the flowering period of the plant and the full disclosure of its flower buds. This period falls on June-August. It is noteworthy that the collection can be done later, but in the fall the content of certain substances, such as essential oils, decreases, which reduces the quality and benefits of the grass as a whole.

As a rule, only oregano tops are prepared with a size of about 20-30 cm. Dry the grass in the open air or indoors with good ventilation, but be sure to protect the workpiece from direct sunlight. Faster drying of the plant is possible with the help of specialized forced-draft dryers, which maintain a constant air temperature of about 40 degrees. It is noteworthy that when this temperature is exceeded in the process of drying of oregano, its useful properties are partially lost, as the essential oils evaporate.

The process of harvesting is considered complete and correct when the grass stem breaks when bent slightly. Harvested oregano has a spicy, spicy smell and astringent, tart taste. Keep it away from other medicinal herbs.

Oregano: contraindications and harm

Along with the irrefutable benefits of this medicinal plant in some cases, its use is contraindicated. In view of this, it is necessary to understand not only the usefulness of the oregano herb, but also what consequences and in what case may be.

First of all, it is worth remembering that oregano contains a large amount of substances, so the application must be combined with individual tolerance and the absence of allergies. Excessive use of oregano can reduce sexual desire, and in men even provoke a decrease in potency. Contraindications include increased acidity of the stomach, as well as hypertension in the latter stages.

Due to the properties of herbs in folk medicine, oregano is considered to be an effective means of stimulating miscarriages. That is why taking oregano is contraindicated for pregnant women. Essential oils contained in oregano, in some cases, can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, so the volume of spice consumed must be controlled and minimized.

Oreganoherbaceous plant with a unique set of useful properties and applications. Modern traditional and traditional medicine, as well as cooking is impossible without the use of this plant. But, despite the panacea, which is almost oregano, its reception is not allowed to everyone, so you need to use spice in small quantities.

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Information about the drug is generalized, is provided for informational purposes and does not replace the official instructions. Self-treatment is dangerous for health!

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Hair care

The most valuable oregano provides during flowering. During this period, it accumulates the maximum amount of essential oils.

Infusion motherboard favorably affects the skin due to the content of biologically active substances:

  • thymol and carvacrol (exhibit antibacterial, soothing properties),
  • phylloquinone (restores the damaged dermis, improves blood circulation, strengthens the capillaries),
  • beta carotene (relieves irritation, redness, fights acne, stimulates cell regeneration),
  • phenol carboxylic acids (stimulate tissue renewal).

When is it beneficial to use oregano externally?

  • to restore the hair structure
  • for the treatment of dandruff
  • to improve blood circulation,
  • to normalize sebum secretion,
  • to stimulate the growth of strands.

Oregano infusion is used to wipe the face and rinse the hair. It has a mild effect, so it can be used continuously.

Preparation: 15 g of dry grass of the motherboard pour 250 ml of boiling water. Leave to infuse for half an hour. Strain. The infusion is ready for external use. Apply to clean skin and washed hair. Do not flush.

For maximum effect, the composition is used exclusively in warm or cool form. Not in any way hot. After rinsing the hair, do not rub your hair, dry them naturally.

The use of infusion of oregano will manifest itself in the case of using shampoos that do not contain sulfates, silicones

Mask for dry hair

It nourishes, solders minor damage, restores the structure of the strands. Before use, it is recommended to mow the tips.


  • oregano herb - 30 g,
  • unrefined olive oil - 200 ml,
  • linden flowers - 30 g

  1. Heat oil in a water bath. Add herbs, reheat again.
  2. Oil-spicy mixture poured into a glass dish, corked, placed in a cool place without access to sunlight. Wait 10 days.
  3. Strain.

Apply the finished mask on the root zone, spread on the hair. Cover the head with polyethylene, warm with a towel. Leave for 2 hours. Wash off with shampoo. Regularly carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week for 3 months.

Mask against alopecia

Prevents hair loss, strengthens curls, improves their structure, heals the scalp.


  • natural honey - 15 ml,
  • decoction of oregano - 50 ml,
  • aloe juice - 15 ml.

For the preparation of the mask enough to mix all the ingredients. The resulting mixture is distributed over the scalp and clean, dry hair with massaging movements. Wrap in heat. Hold for 1 hour. Wash off. Apply the mask twice a week for 2 months.

Mask for greasy hair

Normalizes the sebaceous glands, strengthens the roots.

  • oregano herb - 30 g,
  • nettle - 30 g,
  • water - 500 ml.

Dry components pour boiling water, leave for 2 hours, strain. Rinse the scalp with the composition after each hair wash. The duration of therapy is 3 months.

Regenerating mask

Improves the state of curls after perm.

  • Chamomile inflorescences - 50 g,
  • Oregano - 30 g,
  • water - 1 l.

Add herbs to boiling water, cook for half an hour. Cool to room temperature. The resulting decoction rinse curls after each wash. The course of treatment is at least 4 months.

With regular procedures, the result will be noticeable after 1 month.

Skin care

For every woman, the face is a calling card. Although mothering is not a popular herb in cosmetology, it is widely used to improve the condition of the dermis, which is prone to acne and inflammation. The plant contains carvacrol and timol, which are powerful antibiotics. These components disinfect the dermis, relieve inflammation, increase its elasticity and elasticity, eliminate acne, fight skin diseases, narrow enlarged pores, improve the tone of the face.

Beauty Recipes with Oregano:

  1. To narrow pores, improve skin tone. Cook herbal decoction. To do this, pour 30 g of dry motherboard with 250 ml of water, bring to a boil, hold for 15 minutes in a water bath, cover with a lid, brew for another 45 minutes. Cool, place in the freezer. Wipe your face regularly with an ice cube in the morning.
  2. For cleansing the dermis, matting and enriching it with nutrients. The principle of creating a tonic: 30 g of oregano pour 300 ml of boiling water, leave for 2 hours, squeeze the cake. Daily in the morning and in the evening to wipe a skin with the received broth. Let it soak.
  3. Mask for oily skin. Tightens pores, relieves inflammation. To prepare the mask, you will need pounded fresh leaves of oregano (30 g) or dry grass of the motherboard (30 g), egg white. Mix ingredients, apply on face for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  4. Cream for dry skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, eliminates the feeling of tightness, slows down aging, wilting. To prepare the cream you need to pour 100 ml of olive oil in 15 g of dry or fresh motherboard, leave for a day. After 24 hours, put the mixture in a water bath for 1.5 hours. Then strain the oregano oil. Place in the water bath again. Pre-melt 30 ml of beeswax, enter into the oil composition. Remove from heat. Insist hour. Cream stored in a cool place for no more than 6 months.

With nervous diseases

Prepare a soothing tea and a bath with oregano. In the first case, 15 g of dried grass is poured 200 ml of boiling water, infused for 20 minutes. Take 100 ml 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. In the second case, prepare herbal decoction. To do this, 200 g of oregano brew in 3 liters of hot water. The contents are poured into the bathroom. Water procedures to take in the evening after a busy day at work.

Application in the food industry

The upper part of the stem (with leaves and buds) is used in fresh and dried form in cooking in Europe and Asia. In France and Belgium, they make traditional Italian pizza of oregano, add it to mushroom dishes, without which they lose their flavor and original taste.

Oregano is an indispensable component of fragrant mixtures for the production of meat products, sausages, pate, and liver. It is added to sauces and gravies.

Motherboard leaflets have a “burning” taste, a delicate, bitter-spicy smell. They are used to flavor baked and pickled vegetables, fillings for pies, homemade beer, kvass. Oregano is harmoniously combined with rosemary, marjoram, black pepper, basil. Interestingly, dishes with oregano last longer and do not turn sour. Together with other spices it is added to sauces, risotto, spaghetti, roast lamb, soups, fish, salads.

How to choose and store

Oregano is a grass with bright green leaves with a sharp, ethereal odor that cannot be confused with anything. Presented on sale all year round. Fresh motherboard stored as flowers in a jar of water. At the same time, it is better to cover it with a plastic cup, put in the refrigerator.

After harvesting, the grass is formed into small bunches, which are tied up and suspended in a well-ventilated room, where there are no drafts and sunlight penetrates. In this case, it is uniformly dried on all sides. If oregano is put on the dressing, it must be turned over periodically so that the grass does not moldy.

Dried oregano is put in a glass container, hermetically sealed and kept in a dark place for no more than 3 years. Properly harvested motherboard retains smell, taste, does not change color, becomes brittle.

Dushitsu can be frozen. To do this, spread out the grass into small molds, cover with water. Spicy cubes used for cosmetic purposes (for wiping the face) and cooking (to improve the taste and aroma of soups, meat, fish).

Oregano - a plant with upright shoots, horizontal rhizome, tetrahedral straight stems, pointed leaves. It produces a pleasant-aromatic smell, has a slightly astringent, tart, bitter-spicy taste.

Essential oil of the motherboard is used in perfumery, kvass, brewing production, as well as for the manufacture of medicines, tinctures, liqueurs.

Oregano is used in cooking as a spicy and aromatic additive. Its leaves are added to meat products, beans, peas, vegetable, potato dishes, pickles. This is an exclusively female product, normalizing the menstrual cycle and enhancing the work of the mammary glands during lactation.

To avoid pregnancy termination, it is forbidden to take oregano during pregnancy, since it has an abortive effect. In addition, it is better for men to refrain from consuming mothers, since the herb can impair erectile function.

In folk medicine, the plant is used to combat paralysis, abdominal pain, rheumatism, convulsions, epilepsy, gynecological diseases, psychological disorders. In official pharmacology, preparations of oregano are used to enhance the secretion of bronchial, sweat, digestive glands, stimulation of appetite, treatment of intestinal atony, diseases of the biliary tract and liver, anacid gastritis, insomnia.

To maintain health, it is recommended to regularly use oregano infusion based on the rate of 15 g of dry raw materials per 250 ml of boiling water. The grass of the motherboard is used externally to create restorative, anti-inflammatory and relaxing baths.